Mainline Rally Application

The Ryedale Society of Model Engineers (RSME) runs rallies for 5 inch gauge locomotives and stock biannually at the RSME miniature railway Gilling.

In the spring (mid May) and the summer (mid-late August)  two day and 3 day events are run where a dawn-to-dusk timetable is operated for trains of differing stock composition. From mainline passenger trains to goods mineral train, local pickup goods and passenger services, participants have the opportunity to see and take part in a re-creation, at approx 1/12th scale, of the golden age of steam railways.

Applications are invited for drivers and crew of scale model locomotives that are capable of pulling at least two Aristocraft style coaches or more. The engines must be reliable as a breakdown on the railway will disrupt the timetable. Breakdowns did happen on the full size railway of course and a failed engine will be returned back to shed using prototypical means (another engine).

The RSME railway is controlled by North Eastern lower quadrant semaphore signals and drivers must observe and strictly keep to the signalling. The trains can be heavy, the stock is often worth more than the locomotives so strict discipline is required to avoid damage to models, or worse, injury to drivers and spectators.

Novices may find that it is helpful to visit and watch a rally or two before applying to run because we don’t want anyone to be intimidated at a first appearance. and a failed engine will be returned back to shed using prototypical means (another engine).. We hope that RSME/LMS rallies will get under your skin and become a must for the world of 5” steam railway modelling.

We do have many fine diesel outline (battery electric) models at rallies often with very realistic sound systems.

There is a limited capacity at rallies of approximately 35 locos. Quite a bit of beautiful scale stock is already at Gilling but we need as much as we can get. Applicants are asked to bring whatever they can.

Additionally we need manpower to operate the rallies so applicants are asked to indicate that they are willing to take a turn (or two) in shunting yards, motive power shed duty, gate guarding or whatever. Those determined not to help may not make the cut if we get too many applications.

Remember that, with a steam loco, you must bring a current Boiler Certificate, a club membership card and your club certificate of insurance.

Please also note that locos at rallies must not have ashpans open at the bottom or with holes that burning ash can get through to drop on the track.  We have suffered significant plastic sleeper damage at recent rallies.

Locomotives should be 5" guage meeting the RSME/GL5 Standards. Only Locomotives that do or have run on the UK railway network are accepted. Please give Locos / Types / Wheel arrangements (eg 0-6-0 etc).
Give us the times from when you will be ready to run or engage a staff duty - to when you have to withdraw and get ready to leave...
Scale 5" models only please. Let us know the vehicles so that we know what we have to work with.
It is often difficult to run the yards and other tasks without help. When you accept a task on the day you will be expected to fulfill that task even if an unexpected loco turn arrives.
Eg RSME; Lyndsey; GL5