A Party with a Difference….

Are you looking to give your child a birthday party that is just that little bit different?

Well, here at Ryedale Society of Model Engineers we have the ideal solution if your child loves train rides. We can offer rides for children (and big kids) behind steam locomotives in our beautiful Gilling East setting, a short stone’s throw from the station that served the village.

Your party can enjoy as many rides as they want, if they are accompanied by responsible adults.


If you wish to have your party on a Sunday public running day during April-September, (See Calendar), we charge £50.00 for one (1) hour dependant on numbers.

For a non-public running day, we charge £100.00 for two (2) hours with the additional cost covering travel costs for train and ground staff on the day.


Unfortunately, we are unable to allow parties in our clubhouse for full refreshments,  however, the adjacent Village Hall have full facilities to provide any catering requirements for your party.

If you require refreshments please contact the Village Hall.

During public running days, we can offer tea/coffee, soft drinks and ice cream for your party in our clubhouse as part of our club facilities on the day.


Please remember our steam locomotives are not toys but miniatures of the full size versions and can cause considerable damage if not treated correctly.

Visitors are reminded that a steam engine is full of boiling water, high pressure steam and has a fire of burning coal. They are heavy and they cannot stop suddenly.

We have a very good safety record in operating private parties providing an enjoyable experience for all. We would like your co-operation to ensure your party is also incident free.


We endeavour to utilise steam locomotives for all our parties. There may be occasions when a steam locomotive is not available and a replacement diesel outline locomotive may be substituted.


When booking or having a party with RSME Limited, we request the following guidance is followed:

  1. The running of trains by RSME for parties is not a commercial venture. The locomotives and rolling stock are private property of club members and the drivers and helpers are all volunteers and not paid. Our nominal charges is a contribution towards club funds.
  2. Whilst your party is in progress, we request you make all parents and children aware they must obey all instructions given by RSME train and ground staff. This includes where it is safe to stand, how to ride on the coaches and what should be acceptable with regard to energetic party-goers, young and old.
  3. RSME undertakes to run the railway safely for the benefit of your party; we do not undertake responsibility for control of your party’s behaviour.
  4. In cases where behaviour continues to be a threat to safety, we will close the railway and ask your party to leave. There will be no refund.
  5. Children running alongside the trains are a source of danger to themselves and the railway. We request that your party refrains from this as childen may not see lineside equipment and fall.
  6. We will not tolerate deliberate attempts to derail trains by the placing of stones etc. on the track or damage to any part of the railway.
  7. If balls are brought to your party, they should not be played with near the railway. This is to prevent a driver or person being knocked off a train whilst riding.
  8. The locomotives are very hot and they fascinate children. It is the duty of parents to ensure that their children do not try to touch locomotives or any moving trains.
  9. The locomotives may eject some hot gritty ash particles, therefore very young children should be carried towards the rear of trains preferably with their eyes shielded.
  10. It must be appreciated the railway is not a toy and if our rules are not adhered to, it is capable of inflicting serious injury.

This guidance is designed to keep you, your party and us safe during your visit.

How to book

Once we receive your request we will be in touch to confirm the arrangements.