Passenger Days

2021 SUNDAY Train Rides -  Public rides will be starting on Sunday 25th July and Sundays thereafter until the end of September from 12:30 pm till 4:30 pm; excepting August Bank Holiday Sunday 29th.
Aug 29th is a rally day but you can still come and watch at main line rallies; it's great!

For a nominal fare children (and adults) can ride around the whole circuit of the track at Gilling. Passenger trains are hauled by real steam locomotives, (and the occasional diesel) and sufficient trains operate so as to eliminate any need to queue for long. We would request of any visitors that they obey any safety instructions given by the guard or driver and that any very small children are accompanied by an adult.

Two of the weekends when we do not run passenger carrying trains are the biannual main-line rallies in May and August.  At these rallies we run trains with scale miniature goods and passenger stock according to a day-long timetable and these are fascinating to watch.  If you have not seen one of our rallies it is well worth a visit and the kids love it.  It is a wonderful spectacular event however there are no rides.

Children of all ages (i.e. adults) catered for.   Go on – Give the kids (and Mum & Dad) a real treat.

Free parking, bring a picnic, also refreshments available most Sundays.

We serve tea, coffee, biscuits and ice cream in the clubhouse.  It is a nice place to shelter if the wind is a bit chilly or if there is a shower.  We have clean fresh toilets. There is also a grassy children's playground next to the clubhouse with some apparatus for climbing and swinging and a Wendy house.

  6110 At Gilling

All passengers visiting and travelling on the RSMEL Miniature Railway do so at their own risk. Please be aware that steam locomotives emit sparks, ashes and oil which could result in injury or damage to clothing. Our steam  locos get very hot - so please do not touch them! Please obey the safety instructions given by our operating staff.