Driver Training Sessions

The 2023 Driver Training sessions are on June 11th & 12th.

Each year according to demand, we host Driver Training weekends. The railway is turned over to the training of novices in the art of running model steam locomotives. The course is aimed at those who have either bought a working model or have / are constructing a kit-built model (such as those that used to be produced by Winson Engineering/Modelworks) – though there is nothing to stop the “ordinary” model engineer availing himself of this opportunity to gain experience on learning how to operate a locomotive on a track operating to full size practice.

Trainee drivers must be 14 years or older. The trainees are instructed firstly in the theory of the operation of steam locomotives and railways, followed by a walk around the track where the signals and point-work are explained to them. They are then shown how to light up a locomotive, to raise steam, oil round and to do some simple movements.

After lunch they raise steam themselves and progress onto driving around the track  and eventually hauling trains of coaches or wagons. In the past we have seen couples learning together (a case of if you cannot beat them, join them!)

Experienced drivers of the RSME instruct trainees on a one-to-one basis.

There is ample accommodation available in the surrounding area for those from afar.

Anyone wishing to apply go to the Driver Training Application.