Diesel Day 2022

RSME Diesel Day – 23 July 2022

We’re doing a one day event for all the diesel fans out there, running to a timetable just as per our rally weekend events. We have a timetable ready for running on each mainline so we’re looking to fill it, as our first event we’re hopeful we can make this into an annual event and have a great day.

Tea & Coffee is included in the entry fee of £2.50, No food however will be provided but we’re looking to have a BBQ at the end of the day so bring some burgers or sausages!

We reserve the right to amend the date or cancel the event, notifications will be given if this happens. We need to collect your email address to be able to contact you to provide updates on the event and the roster for running, please ensure you complete this at the bottom of the form and acknowledge the disclaimer, without this we won’t be able contact you!

For any questions please contact Jamie Felgate or David Jones via the club channels.