Railway Management

The railway at Gilling is managed by a member elected Committee which is responsible for the day-to-day activities. It is accountable to the Directors of RSME Ltd, who themselves are appointed by the members of the Society.

RSME Ltd usually has three appointed Directors who normally serve for a period of three years as the Membership sees fit.

The Directors are supported by the Company Secretary and the Directors are responsible for determining the major expenses of the Railway, property leases and overall financial control.

The Railway Committee is formed of six members, the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer being appointed by the Directors, and the remaining three members elected annually at the General Meeting of the Society. They are responsible for the running of events, maintenance, and all the railway activities on the Gilling site.

Railway Committee:

Chairman: Bob Willis
Secretary: Bill Putman
Treasurer: Walter Rinaldi-Butcher

We are at Gilling most Sundays of the year unless the weather is so bad that we cannot do track maintenance or other project work. Come by on a Sunday and we shall be pleased to meet you if you would like to see the track and what we do although we may not be running trains on every weekend.